Metropolis – New Poster from Mondo

Mondo’s collective of artists have tackled Fritz Lang‘s Metropolis artwork for screenings in the past.  But Ken Taylor has produced an amazing, enormous piece of detailed drawings that is sleek, sexy and stunning.


Metropolis is a sci-fi epic, a silent movie released in 1927 which created groundbreaking special effects and used new movie techniques never-before-seen in cinema.  An art house staple, the film is so gorgeous it deserves to be seen and re-seen – and deserving of quality artwork to promote and house the film.


Ken Taylor is a Melbourne-based Illustrator & Designer, working primarily within the music industry and is predominantly well known for his striking rock posters. Ken started in Perth, Western Australia, doing posters and album artwork for local bands. In 2001 He moved to Melbourne and slowly started to create a name for himself within Melbourne’s music scene. In 2006 he went out on his own and started to work full time on music-based artwork.  His work for music can be seen on his site, and his many movie works for Mondo is truly outstanding.


What exactly is Mondo, you say?  Mondo is the Alamo Drafthouse‘s collectible art boutique, featuring designs from world famous artists based on licenses for popular TV and Movie properties including Star WarsStar Trek & Universal Monsters. Championed for their limited edition screen printed posters, Mondo focuses on bringing art back to movie posters by working with artists such as Olly Moss, Tyler Stout, Martin Ansin, Ken Taylor and others. Besides creating stunning works for beloved classics and contemporary films, Mondo produces posters for featured Alamo Drafthouse events.  They have even recently ventured in to producing special edition vinyl & VHS for cult films, but that is a topic for another post.  Today, just glory in the beauty of Taylor’s work, Metropolis.




J3 Concepts


Based in Seattle, Washington, freelance vector artist Jared Nickerson creates truly unique and stunning artwork.  His pieces often play together through layers of line art, images collage and coexist creating flows of flowers, ferns, fists. Stacks of shapes, piles of pipes and pieces of industry.  The layers, colors, collage all coming together in a creative balanced whole.  The style is reminiscent of graffiti street art, but the digital nature of the creation allows Nickerson freedom to remix the artwork and create several variations on each piece.

Nickerson’s art is produced under the name J3 Concepts, and his portfolio can be seen on his homepage at  J3 Concepts is a friend to Mkaio, lending his art for Mkaio’s next record with his blessing.  His art is tremendous, is available for download, as desktops, printed on tshirts by various companies and brands. Check out some of his amazing art below and check out the animated GIF variant of Nickerson’s “Sirena Agitata” Mkaio is working on for his next record.

Electric Poutin’s Forest Demon

Temper, Temper Jared Nickerson Must Die

Kings of Leon – Crawl

Dead Astronauts

Time Travel in a Time of Regret

Mkaio Winter Animated

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