Elverson Farmhouse – Elverson, PA

Elverson Farmhouse

Outside of Elverson, Pennsylvania, there was an old farmhouse from the 18th Century settled among open fields and trees.  It was a stone home, just like so many scattered throughout the Keystone state.  Age crawling up its centuries-old cement, the home was chosen for an addition.  Karl Snyder, of Wyant Architecture was asked to build on a new, modern addition.  The addition was to include a new master suite and family room, while the original farmhouse would remain as the anchor, with the kitchen, offices and children’s rooms.  There is also a new patio, bridging the modern and the vintage.

From the press release on the house, Wylant says of the property, “The intimate scale and simple massing of an existing 18th century farmhouse and its outbuildings became informative elements in the design of this family room and master suite addition.  In contrast to the compartmentalized layout of the farmhouse, spaces in the addition are bright and expansive, with a strong physical and visual connection to the landscape.  The footprint of the addition acts as a threshold from a new entry to the site beyond, and functions with the existing house and adjacent guest cottage to capture space around a new patio.  Stone from adjacent fields was unearthed for the new construction, as it had been for the original house, and natural materials sympathetic to the existing house were used throughout.”

The sympathetic materials idea is easily seen throughout the construction, as rich woods and strong stone accent the modern build.  It is a beautiful bond between the old and new, bright and light, but bold and grounded.  While the addition does look new, it is so enveloped in the original style and materials, it does not look out of place.  It looks like a bridge, covering the space of nearly three centuries, and does so inviting everyone in to enter in.


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