Qua Baths & Spa – Las Vegas, NV

Qua Spa

The Las Vegas “Strip” takes on new meaning once you walk in to Caesar’s Palace and down the hall to enter their world-class spa, Qua.  As you head down the softly lit stone corridor, rain falls around you onto grass landings. Your casino callings are stripped away.  Your cash cares stripped bare.  You enter the warm, humid spa and strip off your clothes.  You slip briefly into a soft robe, until you strip that off as you slide in to the heated mineral pools in the Roman Baths.

Qua 1

The Qua is designed and engineered to recall the Roman bathhouse idea, the communal place for bathing, pampering and primping.  A full spa menu is available, with massages, facials, mani’s and pedi’s, styling, and a number of other fantastic spa treatments.  Every treatment is first-class, and with a treatment you are invited to use the spa all day.  And you really could stay there all day.

Qua 2

The Roman Baths area has a huge flowing infinity mineral pool, heated just right.  Bubbling with a calming airflow, built in lounge chairs invite you to relax and let the water drown your cares and stresses.  You can exit the pool and lay in the heated stone lounge chairs on either side, listening to the rain waterfall in the middle of the room.  Or you can go to the hot tub (caution: contents are HOT) or the cold pool for an invigorating plunge as a shock to your system.  Outside of the Roman Baths, the spa has another large hot tub, two steam rooms (one infused with Eucalyptus), one redwood sauna and my favorite the Arctic snow room.  With heated seats and walls, the room is cooled to 55-degrees, and foam snow falls from the ceiling while ice can be dispensed to cleanse pores opened from the tubs and saunas.

Qua 3

The experience is unrivaled, with every detail carefully caressed.  The soft, spaced lighting. The warm stone. The water flowing throughout the spa. The crisply folded towels. The rainfall full-body showerheads.  The lounge chairs inviting rest and relaxation. The well-trained staff, who will prepare fresh loose-leaf teas or coffee in the lounge. The constantly cleaned halls.  The specifically-selected soundtrack.  The architecture and construction is beautiful, and even the walk down the calming hallways is therapeutic.  Every detail enhances the spa experience, and the Qua is one of the best, most unique and refreshing spas in the world.

Qua 4


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