Brian Eno – ‘Scape’ Artist

Brian Eno

Brian Eno beat me to it.  The man who has been innovating ambient music for five decades has released an interactive art piece.  Eno has actually been doing art and experimental sound pieces and features as exhibits for years. But this piece can be experienced by anyone. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet, that is.  Eno and musician and software designer Peter Chilvers have created ‘Scape‘ which is available on iTunes Apps and the Android Marketplace.

Eno 1

Users can create their own ambient soundscapes by placing various elements, shapes, backgrounds, and color schemes in to the Scape field.  By moving, overlapping and experimenting with the elements, the sounds within the sound field will interact and change.  It is based on a looping, drone-like experience, and Eno has always been an amazing engineer when it comes to ambient music theory and sonic texturing.  The sounds and Scapes created are not melody heavy and are not designed to be a silly game like ‘Tap Tap Revenge,’ this is an ambitious interactive art piece for users who love ambient music and want to create their own collaboration with Brian Eno.


Saving your Scapes, you can put on your headphones or hook it up to your sound system and listen like you would “Music For Airports” or “Apollo“. And adding to the awesomeness, Eno produced his own exclusive Scapes, which can be played like an Eno record, and are stunning.  You can create Playlists of your Scapes, and email them to other Scape users.  I hold out hope for updates which add new elements, but for an engaging and impressive intro in to ambient and minimalist music, Scape is in a field of its own.

Eno 2


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