Solipsist – Short Film

Solipsism, a philosophical idea that the only reliable reality of existence is within one’s own mind, is both fascinating and frightening.  The potential scare of the sole psyche being soul itself raises so many amazing possibilities, filmmaker Andrew Huang explores some of those themes of reality, connection, evolution and separation in his amazing short film, “Solipsist”.  Visually stunning and audibly perfect, the experimental short features images that will leave you breathless and have you thinking about it for days.

The film premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival and won the “Best Experimental” prize. The remarkable effects and compositions were done largely using practical effects, and the looks created are even further appreciated when you see how they were made behind the scenes.  According to Huang, ““We shot the film in a tiny stage in Burbank, CA.  Everything was shot against greenscreen so the entire film required an immense amount of compositing, especially since much of the film involves practical effects.  The only real CG in the film are the tendrils and tentacles that cover the girls’ faces in the first scene.  We used a lot of footage reversal effects to create the effect of the girls’ wardrobe growing out over them.  The underwater scenes were shot in a 100 gal fishtank.  We puppeted the underwater creatures with rods.  They were made from a combo of fish bait/tackle, feathers and sculpey.  By the end of the shoot they were completely mangled.”

Check out this amazing film below, and share, share, share it with everyone… Or just appreciate it in your own solipsistic reality.


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