La Muna – Aspen, Colorado US

La Muna

La Muna property, a home in Aspen, Colorado features a clean, modern design and beautiful natural materials throughout the home.  Renovated by Oppenheim Architecture + Design, the home is an homage to the Japanese sensibility of wabi sabi – asymmetrical, simple, austere, and appreciative of natural objects and elements. The interior is immersed in reclaimed regional wood, stone and steel.  Like Jackson Pollack’s designs and architectural philosophies, the home is intended to make a minimal impact on the natural resources and merge effortlessly with its idyllic surroundings of forest, stream and mountain. La Muna adds to the resource resourcefulness by employing solar collectors  for power and hot water, and large insulated windows keep the home not only energy-efficient, but bring all of the modern lines and designs of the home right back in to the beautiful woods, rocks and streams creating a truly stunning property.

For more information and photos, click here.


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