M83 – ‘We’re Dreaming’ For the Record of the Year

From the opening soundscapes slowly seeping into sonic seas, the vast and deep musical voyage in this double-LP record is one of the greatest records one may ever experience.  The album is wonderfully realized, masterfully produced, and is like a vinyl record of a time-long-passed, where an album was like a novel – meant to be explored and enjoyed as an entire work.  With the advent of the iTune, listeners are now accustomed to single downloads, compressed audio, and produce-by-numbers pop shots.  In ‘Midnight City,’ M83 has a brilliant lead single, ready for radio, trailers and yes, even falling Victoria Secret angels.  But M83‘s Anthony Gonzales wasn’t just aiming for a hit single, he crafted an ambitious, enveloping record which is so much greater that the singles of its parts.

While working on the record, Gonzales himself stated that the album would be “very, very, very epic.”  Gonzales did not disappoint.  With 74 minutes of music,Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” plays like a composer’s concert and deserves a seated listen.  Slip in the CD, start the tape or spin the vinyl – a wholly developed synthetic symphony is about to begin.  The instrumental pieces connect and enhance the vocal songs, the tracks themselves vast and different.  The vocals are washed out and processed, but are stronger than any previous M83 record.  Gonzales and fellow vocalist, Morgan Kibby, weave in and out of their lines and melodies, raindrops on windshields.  A record, a truly “epic” record, should aim to be an experience on the whole. A hit single, a club-friendly tune, or a clip to fit a Honda Fit commercial are the aim for some, but M83 recalls the days of Pink Floyd and Ziggy Stardust – the record requires attention start to finish, the sign of an absolutely perfect record.


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